The top 5 Most Beautiful Flowers in the world

Almost everyone loves flowers, for their beauty and fragrance, but some species of flower are so beautiful, they are widely regarded as the most beautiful in the world, read on to find out more:


First off, we have the Canna flower – Native to the tropics, Canna flowers are regarded as among the top of the most stunning flowers in the world, boasting large, bright multicoloured petals, broad leaves, and a brilliant scent, some even say they are more appealing both in scent and appearance to roses.

Cherry Blossom

Next up is the Cherry blossom,which is indigenous to Japan, but is recognised all over the world marvellous flowering tree, growing tall and bush like most trees, but in the place green leaves, there are thousands of beautiful, spherical flowers that cover the tree in a sea of generally pink flowers, but can also be white or yellow.

Bleeding Heart

Third, there is the Bleeding heart flower native to northern Asia, is quickly catching up on the Rose flower to take the title of the flower that means love, it’s easy to see why from first glance when you look at the pink/red heart shaped flowers.

Colorado Columbine

  • ·Fourth is the Colorado Columbine is native to Colorado’s rocky mountains, and is generally regarded as an exceptionally beautiful flower, due to the fact it looks like 3 flowers in one, with long blue petals behind  shorter, more round blue/white petals , which house a bright yellow centre, this flower is also rare, as it generally only grows in climates similar to where they are from, Although it is possible to grow them if done correctly if seeds are bought; It is illegal in America to pick wild ones.


Last, but by no means least , is the Rose .It would be impossible to finish off this list without including one of the most recognisable flowers in the world. Indigenous to Asia and southern Europe, it should come as no surprise to anyone how famous roses are, and their deep connection with strong emotions, mainly love. Roses have captured the hearts of billions of people with their alluring beauty and gorgeous scent.