Floral art by van Gogh

Van Gogh is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of his time and he demonstrated a true passion for flowers through various works of art.  While some of his works illustrate flowers in bloom in their natural environment, others are depictions of flowers perfectly arranged in a vase – much like the bouquets you order from your local florist.


Born in the Netherlands in 1853, Vincent van Gogh wanted to be an artist so that his work might brighten everybody’s lives.  Before moving to Paris to join his brother, who managed Groupil’s gallery, van Gogh studied art in Belgium.  In 1888, an encounger with Gauguin resulted in the infamous earlobe cutting incident.  Two years later, the art world lost one of the greats when van Gogh shot himself.  During his short life as an artist, van Gogh only sold a single painting.  His work became more well-known and increased in value after his death.


It’s quite amazing that somebody as troubled as van Gogh could produce some of the most amazing images and particularly those of flowers.  Some of his most famous flower paintings are those depicting sunflowers.  He completed several paintings of sunflowers growing wild and cut sunflowers arranged in vases.  He first painted sunflowers before he even made his way from Holland to his brother in France.  This painting was made especially for his friend, Gauguin, to brighten up his room.


Irises are also popular fresh flowers to send on their own and as part of a bouquet.  Due to its popularity, it should not come as any surprise that van Gogh also enjoyed painting these flowers.  Another interesting fact is that each of his paintings are unique even if they depict the same type of flower.  Just like sunflowers, van Gogh produced several paintings of irises.  His painting Arles and Irises places emphasis on these flowers by placing them in the front of the painting with Arles off in the horizon.


Van Gogh also painted other lesser usual flowers unlike the ones that you would find at your local florist.  One painting included the branches of an almond tree decked with blossoms and another one of a lilac bush.


Although he might not have received the recognition he deserved while he was alive, but he certainly gained plenty of fame after his death.  Even if you cannot afford to purchase or send a real van Gogh, you can order reprints.  Of course, you could do even better by asking your florist to recreate one of the bouquets in his paintings the next time you want to send flowers to somebody special.