Muscari plant care advice

Grape hyacinth, also known as Muscari, has been cultivated for centuries. This plant is extremely easy to grow as a potted plant in the home or even in the garden. If you’re sending a plant as a gift to someone special, you can be sure that this fabulous flowering plant will be a hit! The Muscari plant will usually bloom during the spring and their flowers are always impressive. If you have a potted Muscari plant, here are some tips to make sure it thrives.

Pot and soil

When you buy a Muscari plant from a nursery or florist, it should already arrive in the perfect container along with the right potting soil. They can be grown in clear containers if you want to control root growth, but make sure the container has drainage holes. The soil should be moist but not very wet.



All plants need some sun and your Muscari plant is no exception. Some plants are quite fussy, but your grape hyacinth won’t make you work too hard to find the right spot. You can place the pot anywhere it gets partial or full sun.

Beware of the cold

If the ground freezes in winter, it’s best to keep your Muscari plant indoors. You can place it outdoors in its pot during warmer weather. However, during the winter months, you should place it in a safer place indoors. If you have a large pot outside and cannot move it indoors, you should wrap it in bubble wrap or something similar to prevent the soil in the pot from getting too cold. When the weather starts to warm up, you can move the pot to a suitable spot in your garden.


Fresh water

These bulbs are susceptible to root rot, so make sure you don’t water too much or too often. During the warmer months, you can water your Muscari plant more frequently, but in the winter you need to take it easy. Proper drainage, as mentioned above, is also essential when it comes to keeping the soil moist but not soggy.

Temperature preference

When in bloom, the room should be around 20 degrees Celsius. This is perfect for promoting flowering and keeping the plant healthy overall. Keep the plant away from any type of heater or air conditioner.


You will notice that the leaves of your Muscari plant will dry out and turn yellow. When you notice the first signs that a particular leaf is dying, you should wait until it has completely dried before removing it. You don’t want to remove leaves that are still viable. Be careful when disposing of leaves or any part of the plant. They are known to be toxic, so keep this plant out of the reach of children and pets. This plant is remarkably low maintenance, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. They come in different colours, so make sure you pick one you know the recipient will love.