Fun flowers for young ring bearers

When you start planning your wedding, you will need to choose your bridesmaids, best man, and other members of the wedding party. You will also need to decide who will be responsible for getting your rings down the isle. While some give this task to the best man, others like to include the younger members of their family in the ceremony by making them ring bearers. When choosing this approach, planning is essential!

First things first, when you trust little ones to carry your wedding rings, you need to take extra precautions just in case. This is why so many cushions are fitted with ribbons to secure the rings in place and prevent them from falling. The last thing you want is for all your guests to play “find the ring”! So, make sure that both wedding rings will be properly secured in place and have an adult tend to the younger ones so that they don’t fiddle with the ribbon either!

The rings are usually carried by a young boy but, if there are no young boys in the family or in your group of friends, this task can be given to a young girl. Some people even attach the pillow to their dog and let their furry companion walk down the isle too! It really is a matter of preference.

If you choose to let a young boy walk down the isle, you may want him to be accompanied by a little girl – your flower girl. She can carry her very own bouquet down the isle. Perhaps a miniature version of the bouquets carried by the bridesmaids will be to your liking. Flower girls (and girl ring bearers) can also have flowers added to their hair. If you have a little girl carrying the rings, the pillow can be decorated with fresh or artificial flowers as well. Little boys can take after the groom and his best man by wearing a boutonnière.

If you have your furry friend in attendance, you can also add some flowers to his or her collar. Just make sure that any flowers that come into contact with your animal are not at all toxic. If you are particularly concerned, you can ask your florist for silk flowers that look similar to the fresh ones used in the rest of your floral décor.

Remember, you can also add special accents and mementos to the cushion if you like. If you want to honour somebody who has passed away but you wish they could have been there, you can secure a small personal item of theirs to the cushion and it can serve as a reminder on this special occasion.