Flower magnets to brighten your home

Magnets are not only great for decorating your fridge. You can use flower magnets in various rooms to add some colour and even to support the colour scheme or decorative theme that you have chosen. If you are not sure how to begin, here are some easy tips to keep in mind.

Decorate any room

Firstly, it’s good to remember that flower magnets can be used on your fridge or other metal surfaces. They can also be used to decorate your drapes, hold down table cloths and you could even wear them as a brooch! The key to sticking these magnets to non-metallic surfaces is ensuring that you actually have two magnets. One to old the flower and one to place on the other side of the fabric to hold it in place.

Choose your magnets

The size of each magnet will depend on the size of the flowers that you wish to display. The larger the bloom, the bigger the magnet needs to be in order to properly hold it in place. You don’t want your flower magnets falling apart or the sight of a huge magnet to be visible behind a medium to small-sized bloom. You should also look for magnets that are strong enough to hold some weight without sliding down your fridge or wherever they are placed.

Prepare the flowers

Next, you will need to prepare each flower by trimming the stem as short as possible without causing the bloom to fall apart. You need a tiny stem at the base to ensure that all the petals are still held together. Once the stem is trimmed, you can apply some glue, preferably something tough like hot glue or superglue, to the magnet before placing the flower on top. Allow your flower magnets time to set before you use them.

If you find that, over time, your flower magnets are starting to come apart, you might need to touch up the glue a little. You might be able to remove the magnet, clean off the glue and reapply. Otherwise, you can simply add some extra glue around the point of contact between the flower and the magnet and reinforce that bond.