Tips to keep the flowers blooming all Summer

You have got your garden prepared; the patio, hanging baskets and flower beds are all looking good and are in full bloom and colour. The annuals, perennials and vegetables are all enjoying themselves in the bucket loads of rain we are currently having. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax, enjoy a couple of drinks after your hard work and enjoy the rewards that hard work has provided.

Suddenly the flowers start to turn brown, the vegetables are being attacked by insects and the colourful blooms begin to start wilting. If this is happening to you then read on because here come some tips the will help keep you garden producing wonderful flowers and vegetables all summer long.

Tip 1:

Dead-head or dying blooms: If your flowers have a few dead-heads knocking about or you’re concerned some of the blooms might be losing colour and slowly dying then all you have to do is use your finger and thumb to remove the flower head from the rest of the flower. The flower will then divert it energies to other parts of the plant and other flower heads to keep them in full bloom. If you’re not sure how to do this using your thumb and fingers then use scissors if needed and be careful.

Tip 2:

Water deeply: Your flowers will appreciate a good soaking than the occasional water. They appreciate it because a good soaking is better so it will give the flowers a good root production.

Tip 3:

Feed the flowers generously: Using a well balanced fertiliser will help give the flowers and plants in your garden all the nutrition they need to keep growing and to stay healthy and fresh. When your plants begin to yellow it is generally because of a lack of nitrogen or excessive water with a poor drainage system.

Tip 4:

Watch out for insects: Insects and bugs just love eating their way through out flowers, plants and especially vegetables. They will affect the overall health and production of our plants. There are many organic solutions to this problem on the market such as NEEM oil or insecticidal soaps which are both excellent solutions to our bug problems. The using of Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis and predator urines are also effective measures you can take.

Tip 5:

Mulch: During the long, hot summer days using a good layer of bark mulch will help keep your weed levels under control; it will retain moisture and keep soil temperatures cooler.

I hope this will help calm your fears regarding the possible state of your garden. There will come times when pulling and replacing a damaged or overgrown plant will become the best remedy.

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