Potted plant care – transferring to another pot

One of the most important and challenging parts of potted plant care is properly transferring the plant to a new pot. When a plant is cared for and all of its needs are met, it will grow and, eventually, it will require a larger pot. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when this time comes.

The right timing

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to potted plant care is that each plant has its own life cycle. This means that each plant will bloom during a different time of year and will become dormant during a different period. It is important to only repot a plant when it is in the dormant stage. This means that it should not be in bloom at the time. Wait for all the flower to perish, deadhead the plant and make sure that no more are produced before you move the plant. It is also important to move the plant during a mild time of day. You do not want to do this when it’s too hot since this can be quite traumatic for the plant and its roots in particular.

Extra nutrients

Fertilizer is an important part of potted plant care in general. It is even more important when moving your plant from one pot to another. You need to make sure that you prepare the plant’s new home before uprooting it. Place some dried leaves and twigs at the bottom of the pot and top with potting soil. You can mix some fertilizer with the soil if you like. Just make sure that you add a small amount. The plant will be in its dormant phase which means that it will not need too much food at this stage. But you want to make sure that the soil is ready for the next growth season. Add the plant along with some of the soil from the original pot and anchor it in place by placing soil around and on top of the roots too.

Proper hydration

The next thing you want to ensure is that your plant has enough water. Now, your plant will not be quite as thirsty when it’s not in bloom. Of course, this does not mean that you should let the soil dry out completely. It just means that you will not need to water quite as often. Of course, your potted plant will need to be watered as soon as it is moved to a new pot.

Remember, as tempting as it might be to place your potted plant in a very large pot to avoid moving it too often, this can have an undesired effect. For this reason, it is recommended that you only choose a pot that is one or two sizes larger than the existing pot.