New Wonderful Jasmine Watering Can introduced at Prestige Flowers

A lovely Watering Can with the most beautifully smelling Jasmine Flower has now been released for UK next day delivery from Prestige Flowers. This really is a lovely gift to give someone and it is actually quite easy to look after and will last a long time. This is because it is an evergreen and will be green all year round. This unique flower item has the Jasmine grow through the loop of the Watering Can, a real eye catcher. It almost done in a vine like fashion. This new attractive addition also comes with the usual personalised message card along with a free box of Belgian chocolates.

Prestige flowers wanted a new gift that was not simply a bouquet or a potted plant, but something that was unusual and unique to Prestige Flowers. This gift has a lot of character to it, it’s not intrusive on taste or largely unfitting, it is just a nice sized brilliant gift. Jasmine is universally enjoyed because its natural scent is not over powering and it is very easy on the eyes. It’s a gift that you can give someone in confidence and know that they will like it. Prestige Flowers hopes that this will soon become one of their most popular gifts in the plant section.