Mother’s Day vase – why make it yourself

If you want to present mum with some fresh flowers this year but you are not sure which vase to choose, why not make your own very special Mother’s Day vase? Now, you don’t need to get all complicated with a pottery wheel and kiln to do this. You can make a vase out of something you have around the house that you may no longer use. Before you begin, remember these benefits of creating your very own vase for mum’s blooms.

Save money

The first advantage should be fairly obvious – you will save money. Instead of buying a Mother’s Day vase, you can put some odds and ends to good use. You can work with what you already have at home with minimal investment. Sure, you might need to buy some art supplies but this won’t put you out too much and you can use them again whenever you feel the need for some arts and crafts time.

A relaxing craft

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you will know just how soothing it can be to make something yourself. Not to mention fulfilling. Your Mother’s Day vase is not just an expression of your love but it will also prove to be a rewarding craft that gives you peace and satisfaction once it is done.

Everyone gets involved

If you have young children, creating your own Mother’s Day vase is the perfect way of getting everyone involved. No matter how young your children are, as long as they can hold a paintbrush, they can lend a hand and this can be a wonderful family-made gift for her.

Sentimental touch

When it comes to decoupage, you could easily add a personal touch to any Mother’s Day vase by adding photos of her children and special family moments. You could even turn the vase into something of a collage of memories.

Reuse household items

As briefly mentioned earlier, you can use just about any household item as a vase. As long as it can hold water, you can decorate it as you wish. You can use paint, photos, colourful paper or even fabric. Consider the size of the bouquet when choosing your vase base and then decorate it before adding water and her fresh blooms.

As you can see, there are many great reasons why you should consider making your own Mother’s Day vase this year. With many families on a tight budget and so many unused items around the house, the design possibilities are not only endless, but affordable too.