Plant care – Help Dendrobium Orchids thrive

Plant care can be tricky. Especially when it comes to flowering plants like the Dendrobium Orchid. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, you can ensure that your plant not only survives, but thrives and blooms year after year. Here are some of the essential facts you need to know about caring for this particular plant.

Take note of their natural environment

One of the most important rules to remember in plant care is to always take the time to find out more about the natural environment in which the plant grows. These orchids enjoy humid environments with lots of air circulation and moderate to warm temperatures. They also prefer indirect sunlight.

Proper preparation

When you bring your orchid home, you need to ensure that you have the perfect spot selected. As briefly mentioned, you need to choose a place that offers shelter from the direct sun and wind. You should place the plant on a bed of dead wood chips so that there’s plenty of drainage.

Humidity is essential

Misting is another great tool when it comes to plant care. You can mist your orchid to create instant humidity in the area surrounding the plant. In addition, you can place the pot on a tray of pebbles with water. The pot should not rest in water because it will make the potting mix soggy and the roots will rot. The water will evaporate from the tray and create humidity around the plant.

Position the container

When you place your pot in a particular spot, take note that it’s not going to stay in this precise spot forever. You will need to shift the container according to the time of year and to ensure that it gets plenty of light but without the risk of damage due to direct exposure.

Spend summer outside

If you are able to, set your orchid in a safe spot outside during the hotter months of the year. This is a great tip to remember in plant care for all plants, in fact. The fresh air will certainly do them good. Just make sure that you bring them back inside before it starts getting cold. You should also make sure that they are kept out of the rain since too much water or heavy rains can damage the plant.

Proper nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of proper plant care no matter the type of plant you wish to grow. If you want them to really thrive, you need to provide them with extra nutrients during their growing season. During the dormant phase, there is no need to continue adding fertilizer. Also, it is important that you use fertilizer that has been specially formulated for orchids.

This all might sound like a lot of work when it comes to plant care. However, these are things that you will do when you first bring your plant home and each step will take place in good time. There is no need to fuss over your orchid every day. It’s good to keep an eye on it but too much attention can also prove harmful.