Festive flowers to decorate a cake

When serving a delicious meal to your guests, you want to make sure that you offer them their fill from start to finish. After a delicious meal, there is nothing more satisfying that a scrumptious dessert. Apart from the flavour, it’s also important to ensure that your dessert looks as amazing as it tastes. Which is why you should consider using festive flowers to decorate your Christmas cake. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some of the best options.

Using fresh blooms

The first option to consider when selecting festive flowers for your cake are fresh blooms. When you opt for fresh varieties, it’s important to only decorate your cake at the last moment. Until this time, you should keep your blooms hydrated in a vase of fresh water. Trim the stems as you add them to your cake so that they will be at their freshest when the time comes to serve. It is also important to wash your blooms gently and inspect them for any bugs that might be hiding between the petals. Some plants are toxic and should be avoided. Examples include mistletoe and holly.

Artificial flowers

If you would prefer to make your cake well enough in advance or you simply do not want to risk them wilting or possible toxic properties, you could choose artificial festive flowers instead. While plastic ornaments might look cheap and not quite as attractive, you should note that there are high quality silk blooms available. The key is to shop around and make sure that you buy these blooms from a reputable supplier.

Edible flowers

Last, but not least, edible blooms are another option to keep in mind. Some flowers are not only non-toxic but they are even safe to eat. If you cannot find fresh edible flowers, you could shop around for gum paste or marzipan flowers. These festive flowers can be added to your cake in advance and they can be enjoyed by your guests.

These are your main options in terms of festive flowers. Remember to choose a colour scheme for your cake before you choose your blooms so that their colours will help emphasize the holiday theme.