Fresh flower choices according to the colour of the year

Now that we have welcomed 2022, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. There’s much to consider, including how we will move forward with our annual décor. Each year we have a new colour to enjoy as our colour of the year. This should always be kept in mind when it comes to your fresh flower choices. Whether decorating your own home or sending a gift, choosing the right colour can make all the difference.

It’s time for green

The colour for this year is green! This is super exciting because we can make the most of various shades and you can add green to any fresh flower arrangement. In addition, foliage helps give your bouquet a look of abundance while keeping costs down. In terms of home and office décor, green can be included in so many ways. You could paint the walls if you like. However, if you want something more subtle, you can simply add green accents here and there.

What green means

The colour green is known for being very soothing and calming. It is also great for environments where you want to encourage creativity and stimulate productivity. So now you can see why we love our office plants and fresh flowers! It’s the touch of nature that really helps give us balance. With the stress of work that never seems to end, we could always use something refreshing to help us remember the beautiful things in life.

Perfect pairing

One of the best things about the colour green is that it is so versatile. In other words, you really can enjoy this colour throughout the year while changing it up every few months. Take fresh flowers for example. During the winter, you can order bouquets that include white flowers and other items with a winter theme along with dark green foliage. In the spring, you can pair pastels with lovely leaves and in summer you can decorate rooms with brighter colours. The contrast created by combining bold shades and deep greens are always appealing. As for autumn, shades like red, orange, yellow and brown are most popular.

Potted plants

Houseplants are an excellent alternative to fresh flowers. They are great for those who would like some greenery that will last longer than a couple of weeks. You can choose plants that produce flowers or those that do not. You can also take your pick between plants that require minimal care and those that need a bit more attention. Make sure that you understand the needs of your plant before you buy it.

Garden greenery

Fresh flowers and plants are not just great for your home. You can use them to spruce up your garden too! By creating a green escape on your property, you will be able to get away from the usual stress of life whenever needed. Gardening is also extremely therapeutic and fresh air always does us the world of good.

Now that you know the colour of the year, it’s time to get decorating! Choose your favourite fresh flowers, greenery and potted plants to give your home the beauty of nature. Not only will you enjoy the benefits today, but throughout the year.