Upcoming floral trends for Autumn

Summer is almost over as we prepare for the cooler autumn months. As the seasons change, so too does our home décor. The types of flower arrangements we enjoy during summer are usually bright and bold. However, once autumn arrives, this changes and we tend to opt for colours like orange, dark green, and brown.

One likely trend that we are bound to see this autumn is an increase in basket displays. Instead of your usual vase, you can give your autumn flower arrangement the ultimate seasonal touch by placing the flowers in a basket. Remember, you will still need to arrange them in some kind of waterproof container so that your basket is not damaged. If the opening at the top of the basket is large, you can surround the basket with some wheat, straw, or other similar dry filler.

Flowers in a box are also gaining popularity. These arrangements are somewhat different to those that are arranged with the buds protruding the box. The flowers are perfectly nestled inside a decorative box with a lid. A tray will need to be placed inside the box along with wet floral foam. Each stem can then me added to the box while the foam keeps them hydrated and secure. Add fillers in the form of small foliage, filler flowers, and even non-living accessories like beads.

Wreaths have been popular for many occasions for a number of years. However, during this time of year, the prefered base for such wreaths is twigs. Dried flowers and fruit are perfect for complimenting this dry base. Although dried flowers and foliage might usually be tossed out, autumn welcomes a beautiful exception.

Feathers are a fantastic non-floral accessory for autumn flower arrangements. When choosing to add feathers, it’s important to consider their size and colour. Remember, feathers can be dyed just about any colour you like. Ostrich feathers are popular for large arrangements and they look great. The best part of all is that you can hang on to your feathers even after the flowers perish and you can use them in future flower arrangements too.