Different kinds of Gerbera Daisies

During the cooler months of the year, there don’t seem to be quite as many flowers available at your local florist.  Of course, it does not mean that nature has left us completely in the lurch!  We still have the opportunity to enjoy bright and colourful seasonal flowers during this chilly time.  Gerbera daisies are an excellent example of gorgeous colourful blooms that flourish well into the colder months.  You are likely to find these flowers in abundance during the warmer months and all the way until the temperatures really drop.  Even if they aren’t in season, your online and local florist should keep some in stock.  Importing and greenhouses make it possible for us to enjoy our favourite flowers even when they aren’t in season.

Gerbera daisies come in a number of forms and colours.  They are grouped based on how the petals are arranged on the stem, the colour of their petals and even the type of leaves the plant has.  Probably the most common of all are single flower varieties.  These are simple yet beautiful flowers with a green disc in the middle and one row of small petals surrounding it.  Larger petals surround these inner petals and they are either the same shade or lighter in colour.  The petals do not overlap.

Double gerberas are the second main group.  Their centre discs may be red, green or black.  They are surrounded by a small ring of petals and larger petals around them.  These petals do overlap.  The large and small petals might be the same colour or entirely different.  There are so many different colours and colour combinations available which means that you have a wide variety to choose from.

Crested double varieties also have a double row of petals, like the double gerbera.  They have an additional inner row of petals which can be the same colour as the outer ones or different completely.  The crossroad gerbera, for instance, has red inner petals and yellow outer petals.  The disc in the centre can be red, green or black.

The full crested double gerbera is one of the most amazing of all.  It has two outer rows and an inner row of petals.  It also has a row of smaller petals around the disc.  The disc is either hidden or partially hidden.  The disc may be red, green or black and the inner and outer petals may be the same or different colours.

Quilled gerberas have thinner petals and sometimes these flowers are grouped along with double gerberas since they share a number of characteristics.  The only difference being the way the petals look.