Birthday flowers for the month of May

Every month of the year is associated with at least one type of flower. For the month of May, this bloom is the Lily of the Valley. If you are able to get your hands on these blooms, they will make a particularly thoughtful bunch of birthday flowers. These blooms are one of the most delicate of the lily family. Their bell-shaped blooms have a superb sweet fragrance too. This scent is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners choose to grow them in their garden.

Flower history

These May birthday flowers are native to Europe and, over the years, they made their way to Northern Asia and North America. They prefer shade and they grow as a wild flower in England. According to legend, when Eve was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, she began to cry. Wherever her tears fell, Lily of the Valley flowers started to sprout. In another Christian legend, Mary’s tears sprouted these blooms as she wept by the cross. You may have noticed that these blooms are included in various Christian works of art. Monks gave it the name ‘ladder to heaven’ because they noticed how the flowers grow evenly up the stalk like steps leading to heaven.


All blooms have a meaning and these birthday flowers are no exception. Lily of the Valley flowers are associated with motherhood, sweetness and humility. If you know somebody who embodies one or more of these characteristics, this plant will make an excellent gift.


If you are not able to send Lily of the Valley cut flowers or a plant, you can always send another bouquet of birthday flowers. All you need to do is find inspiration in other ways. For instance, you can look for a bouquet that includes emerald green. The birthstone for the month of May is the emerald so this will prove appropriate and thoughtful. Another idea is to consider the preferences of the recipient. What is their favourite type of flower and colour, for example. With this information, you can have your florist create a bouquet that they will truly appreciate.

When sending birthday flowers, you should also ask your florist about optional extras. Some examples of extras include luxury chocolates, birthday balloons, birthday cake and champagne. Take your pick from these gifts and have them delivered along with your floral gift.