Ideas for your next brunch

Do you love hosting brunch for friends and family? If so, you most likely already have a few favourite foods and drinks picked out. However, it’s not only about what you serve but also the way you decorate your table.
Firstly, think about the number of guests, the number of tables, and the size and shape of the tables. It’s these factors that will determine what type of floral décor you will need. No matter what, however, you will not need tall arrangements for your dining tables. You can add some taller bouquets to your buffet table – provided they do not make it tough to reach any of the foods.

For a lovely tablescape perfect for longer tables, you can rest some foliage on the table and top with orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit halves. You can also add some colourful peonies, hyacinths, and various flowers with various textures to the table. Another great idea for tablescapes is the use of succulents. Once the party is over, you can use the succulents to decorate the rest of your home.

Vases are often thought of as the best way to display flowers but you can use alternative containers like rustic-style watering cans or cute baskets. Remember, keeping it simple is the best way of impressing your guests.

If you would like to make your own ice bucket, simply put some water in a bucket and freeze. Then add some flower petals before placing another smaller bucket inside and adding some more water. Freeze again and then repeat this process to create several layers of frozen flowers. Once you are done, you need to let the bucket stand out and you might need to run the exterior of the bucket under some water to loosen it. Remove the ice and place on a decorative tray. Use to keep your bottle crisp and cold!