Understanding the life cycle of flowers

Everything in nature has a life cycle and life expectancy. By understand the life cycle of flowers, you will know more about when to pick fresh blooms and why fully-opened flowers will perish sooner than those picked in bud form.

From seed to seedling

The life cycle of flowers begins with their lives as a seed. The seeds of flowering plants are called angiosperms. Everything that is needed to grow a beautiful blooming plant is locked away inside these tiny seeds. It’s even more incredible to think that all they need is water, light and the right temperatures in order to grow. In most cases, the root and the main stem will start to grow somewhat simultaneously. The stem will penetrate the soil and leaves will grow. This is essential in order for the seedling to produce food and grow more. Sunlight is an essential part of photosynthesis which is why the leaves need to protrude through the soil as soon as possible.

Growing taller

The life cycle of flowers continues as your plant continues to grow taller, the roots also grow deeper and take hold. When the plant reaches maturity, it should produce flowers. Of course it will need the right conditions and some plants do not produce flowers if they don’t have enough sunlight or enough water, for example. Different plants produce flowers at different rates. So, some plants do not have flowers in their first year but they should have amazing blooms the following year. Other plants bloom in their first season but they do not last through the winter.

Producing flowers and seeds

The seed stage is the final stage of the life cycle of flowers. While some plants require the help of wind or insects for pollination, others have male and female parts in a single flower. To help pollination along, flowers are usually bright in colour so that they attract bees, butterflies and so on. Once pollinated, the flowers will eventually turn to seed. Depending on your personal preferences and local weather, you can plant these seeds right away or you can hang on to them for the following year.

When to pick flowers

When picking flowers for your home or office, it’s good to remember that partial buds will last the longest once cut. If they are tightly shut when picked from the plant, they might not open. If the flower is fully-open, this means that it doesn’t have much longer and it will perish within a week or so. When picking flowers, remember to do so early in the morning before the sun and heat take their toll.

By keeping in mind the life cycle of flowers, you will also be able to choose the freshest flowers from your florist. You will know how to identify flowers that will last longer versus those that are sure to perish soon. This means that you will get great value for money.