Mother’s Day flower meanings

When searching for the most appropriate and beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day, you will be surprised how many options you have. These are some of the most popular choices and they all look great their own or you could order a mixed bouquet.


Of all the flowers at your local florist, orchids are the certainly the picture of elegance and class. There are a number of types of orchids and colours from which to choose. Since they are the Chinese symbol of many children, they are appropriate for this wonderful occasion.


Roses are available in various colours and your choice might come down to personal preference or even sentimental reasons. Red roses are a romantic gesture which is why you might not want to send them to your mother. If you want to spoil the mother of your child, you can certainly send red roses. Pink flowers are best for your mum and yellow roses are great if you want to treat a friend.


Like roses, red tulips are a romantic gesture whereas pink is a symbol of affection and white is for purity. You can send a single colour or you could opt for a mixed bunch if you’re not sure what colour to choose.


Carnations are the traditional choice. Pink carnations are traditional worn by those who still have their mothers whereas white carnations are worn if your mother has passed away. So, if you send carnations, the only colour to avoid is white.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerberas are some of the brightest flowers on the market and they are perfect for brightening mum’s day. You can choose a single colour or even a mixed bouquet. Both of which are perfect for spreading joy and giving mum a cheerful surprise.


Lilies are the Chinese symbol of motherhood and they are beautifully feminine flowers. Calla Lilies represent beauty which makes them great for your mum or wife. Remember, you are not only celebrating her physical beauty, but also her inner beauty and the beauty of motherhood.

If you’re not sure about sending any of these flowers, you can combine them or send something else entirely. Don’t forget about including a personal message, perhaps some luxury chocolates, and even a bottle of bubbly.