Romantic flowers for a fabulous dinner

When you want a romantic evening to be just perfect, you need the right romantic flowers to impress your date. Even if you have been together or married for years, there is always a bit of time for romance and it’s the best way of nurturing your relationship. Here are some tips to help you choose the best blooms for your romantic dinner date.

The right type of blooms

The first thing to consider is the type of flowers that you would like to use. Roses are the number one most romantic flowers of all time but they are not your only choice. You could choose a bouquet that includes roses along with other flowers like lilies. Alternatively, you could skip the roses altogether and choose a bouquet of your partner’s favourite flowers instead.

Choosing the colour

Once you have decided on the type of flowers that you would like for this occasion, you need to choose a colour scheme. Just as roses are the most popular bloom, so too is red the most popular colour when it comes to romantic flowers. This is why red roses are so popular for occasions like Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries. Red is not the only colour, however, and you can also opt for more than one colour if you prefer. For example, you could order pink and white blooms. Just imagine some pink and white stargazer lilies paired with pink and white roses and a touch of foliage. The outcome is simply impeccable!

The size of the bouquet

Choosing the right size bouquet is absolutely essential. If you are planning on setting a bouquet on the dinner table along with a few candles, you want to make sure that the arrangement does not obstruct your view of one another. In other words, a shorter arrangement is ideal. Now, this does not mean that you cannot order long-stemmed flowers. However, you should trim the stems and place the bouquet in a shorter vase (like fish bowl style vase) so that it does not get in the way.

Other floral options

Apart from romantic flowers, there are also other fantastic floral ideas that you can use to make the evening special. Consider the use of floral scented candles and essential oils in your home. You can also use rose petals to decorate the table even more. Just make sure that any scents are not to potent around the dinner table or it could affect the flavour of the food.

Now that you have all of your bases covered, it’s time to get shopping for those romantic flowers! There really is nothing quite like being surprised by your significant other. Remember, if you are on a tight budget, you can always take a look at discounted bouquets or cheap flowers for great savings.