Lily pollen removal steps and tips

Lily pollen is heavy which means that it’s not the type of pollen that will likely irritate your allergies. However, this heavy pollen can stain textiles and surfaces. Cleaning up after your bouquet will mean that you could get stained hands too. The best solution to this problem is to remove the pollen as soon as your bouquet is delivered.

Here are some simple steps to follow

  • Start by putting on some gloves. Latex gloves will protect your hands from the lily pollen without affecting your grip.
  • You should also wear old clothes just in case you get them full of pollen in the process.
  • Approach each flower one at a time. Gently pull the stamens from the flower. Grip them as low as possible to remove the stamen in its entirety.
  • Keep a container handy for discarding the stamens as you go.
  • You can remove stray pollen from surfaces using sticky tape. It is far more effective than rubbing or trying to pick up the pollen with your fingers.
  • When removing your gloves, do so carefully so that you don’t accidentally spread pollen around.

Remember that lily pollen is toxic to cats so make sure that you discard it properly. Even if you do not have a cat, throwing pollen in the garden can prove harmful to cats that roam. Once the stamens have been removed, you can enjoy your lily bouquet just as you would any other cut flowers. Make sure that you provide them with fresh water and keep them out of the sun. It’s also worth noting that removing the pollen will also help extend the life of these flowers. It’s also great if you can remove the stamens outdoors. This way, you don’t need to worry about staining any surfaces in your home.