Using pumpkins in your flower displays

Autumn is a wonderful season when it comes to home décor. Not only can you display beautiful fresh flowers, but you can also add some pumpkins and gourds! The key is to know how to prepare and display your pumpkins so that they are perfectly beautiful.


Pumpkin carvings are popular around this time of year. When preparing to carve a pumpkin, you should always make sure that you select one that is perfectly firm. When you place the pumpkin on a flat surface, it should stand upright and not roll over. The pumpkin needs to be cleaned thoroughly before you begin to trace your design onto it. Now you will need to carve a hole in the top to create a ‘cap’. Scoop and scrape out the pulp and seeds. You can dry, roast, and eat the seeds if you like, so don’t throw them away! Once prepared, you can start carving along the lines of your design. When you are done, you can coat the cut areas with some vaseline to keep it from going bad too soon.

Hollowing out gourds

Hollowed out gourds can be used in so many different ways. You can use them to serve soup, display candles, flowers, or even potpourri. Another great tip is to create clusters of small gourds rather than just using one.

Polish your pumpkins

If you want to give your pumpkins that perfect shine, you simply need to apply some vaseline, floor wax, or a similar substance. You don’t need a lot, just enough to lightly coat the surface. Then you will need to rub the entire surface with a soft cloth to achieve that beautiful shine.


If you want to paint your pumpkins or gourds, you will need to make sure that they are properly cleaned and dried. Make sure that you work in a well ventilated area and place newspaper on your work surface to protect it from excess paint. Apply some multi-purpose sealer to the surface of the pumpkin or gourd and allow it to dry before you proceed. Draw your desired design on the pumpkin. You can create stripes and other patterns by applying tape to the parts you want to remain unpainted. Paint or use spray paint to create the desired design. Remember to apply a sealer once the paint is dry. If you want to add any accessories, you can glue them to the pumpkin once the sealer is dry.

With these great tips, you can create the most impressive pumpkin displays during this autumn season.