Christmas flower shopping and top choices

If you have not yet started your Christmas flower shopping, now is the time to get those orders in! If you still don’t know which flowers or plants are best to send at this time of year, you are in luck because here you have a list of all the most popular and appropriate options.


These potted plants aren’t exactly Christmas flower arrangements but they do have a shorter lifespan than most other houseplants. While some might think of this as a disadvantage, it is also a great benefit. This is because the recipient gets to enjoy their colourful beauty for the festive season and they don’t have to worry about caring for the plant throughout the year. It will look pretty for a few months and, when its beauty fades, it can be discarded and replaced the following festive season.


This Christmas flower is known and loved for its tall stems and bright red blooms. They have a delicate scent and their vibrant colour makes them a winner every festive display. While they are delicate in nature, their beauty should never be underestimated and you can rest assured that just a few stems will make a huge statement.

Festive roses

Roses are available in just about every colour. While they are not normally in bloom during this time of year, you can surely find them at your favourite florist since they are either specially cultivated or imported. For a Christmas flower arrangement consisting of roses, choose red and white blooms to pair with some lush green foliage.


There are many different types of lilies available and they come in various colours too. When it comes to the festive season, your Christmas flower arrangement should generally be limited to red, white, and/or green with the possible addition of gold, silver or brown accents. White lilies paired with red berries are the ultimate seasonal pair.

Wreaths and trees

While Christmas flower shopping, you will almost certainly come across wreaths and Christmas trees online. While they are not technically fresh flowers, they are certainly perfect for the season and they will make an excellent gift.

When shopping for a Christmas flower arrangement, make sure that you always keep the recipient in mind. When you shop with their preferences in mind, it will always show. Your florist will also include a card. In this card you will be able to include a message which adds that personal touch.