How to make the perfect spring flower arrangement

Soft shades of purple, pink, and off-white are synonymous with spring flower arrangements. The key is to group several colours together and possibly add some fragrant flowers like lavender to the mix as well. It’s not just about the soft colours and perfume but also making these flowers stand out by adding some bright coloured stems to the mix. Consider some soft pinks and off-whites with some dark purple or blue flowers.

You will need:

  • One large, pale pink rose
  • One pink calla lily
  • Light pink pray carnations
  • Bluebell eryngium
  • A few pink feathers (as accessories and extra texture – optional)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hebe
  • Florist tape and wire
  • Decorative ribbon


  • Prepare your stems by dethorning the rose, removing excess leaves, and trimming your stems.
  • Prepare your stems further by wiring and taping them for added support.
  • Place the rose in the centre and position some eryngium just behind the rose (and slightly higher).
  • Place another stem of eryngium on either side of the rose as well.
  • Add some hebe and spray carnations on either side of the arrangement.
  • Position the calla lily below the rose to create a kind of elongated flower bouquet.
  • Add eucalyptus around the bouquet to give it the shape of a teardrop.
  • You can then add the feathers to create a frill around the bouquet.
  • Secure the stems together by tying them together with some wire before taping them together and adding a ribbon if desired.

The flowers used in this example can be substituted depending on the kinds of blooms your florist has in stock. You can use this arrangement to decorate any room in your home and it will definitely give you that feeling that spring is in the air! Remember the power of fragrance and enjoy these sweet smells by avoiding the use of air fresheners. Let your fresh flowers perk up the air in your house instead!