Essential tips for using floral foam

When we think about arranging fresh flowers, we usually imagine beautiful blooms resting in a vase. This is not the only way in which we can enjoy flowers, however, and floral foam can help you create some of the most amazing designs. Here’s what you need to know when using this approach.

The variety available

One interesting fact that many people do not realise is that floral foam comes in various shapes and different colours too! You can have loads of fun experimenting with foam in the shape of hearts, wreaths and so many more! Green is the top colour but you may enjoy some rainbow foam for your extravagant design. While green foam is usually concealed, the rainbow variety is designed to be seen.

Preparing the foam

Before you start creating your design, it’s important that you properly prepare your floral foam. When you buy the foam, it will arrive in a dry state. It is important that you handle the foam with care and avoid pressing or compressing it in any way. When crushed, the foam will no longer hold as much water as it should. Of course, your foam will need to be soaked in water in order to absorb enough to feed your flowers. It’s a good idea to mix fresh water with some flower food before soaking the foam in this solution. The size of the piece of foam will determine how long it will need to soak.

Cutting to size

If you are creating a design that you want to place on a plastic tray, you may not need to trim the floral foam. This is particularly true if you are using foam in a particular shape (like a heart). If you want to place foam in a vase or other container, You might need to trim it. Clear, waterproof floral tape can be used to secure the foam in place. Remember, you don’t need to cut the foam to the precise shape of the vase. As long as it can fit snugly inside, you’re all good.

Creating your design

Now that your floral foam is hydrated and secured in place, it’s time to get creative with your flowers and foliage. Remember not to pre-poke holes in your foam. If you do this, the foam will no longer hold the stems securely in place. If you have flowers with weak stems, all you need to do is secure the stems to a florist pick before inserting them in the foam. If you need to reposition any stems, you should remove the stem from the foam and trim it before reinserting. If you don’t do this, it can allow air bubbles to become trapped in the stem and this can shorten the life of your arrangement.

If you have never arranged flowers before, you will find floral foam a real life saver. The foam holds your stems in place and it is great for creating more precise designs. Should you be in need of inspiration, remember that you can always look up flower arrangement designs online. These images will help you get a better idea of the colours and types of flowers that you enjoy the most.