Flower power SOS insects!

Weeds and wildflowers will be planted across Reading in all sorts of public areas to help increase the numbers of bees and insects. The research will cost £1.3m and it will examine how insects are affected by the urbanisation of our countryside.

Ecologists will begin planting the wildflowers and weeds in Christchurch Meadow, Kings Meadow and Prospect Park. Flower meadows, allotments and cemeteries will be planted in Bristol, Edinburgh and Leeds as well as Reading.

The meadows will be rich in flowers will provide much needed pollen and nectar for pollinating insects and will act as wildlife corridors among the busy streets of the cities. This will then allow other invertebrates to thrive, according to the University of Reading.

Simon Potts is the professor of biodiversity and ecosystem services at the university and he said, “This research will help to suggest the most effective conservation methods and ensure a better future for these fascinating and hard-working insects we so often take for granted”.

As well as Reading University the universities of Bristol, Edinburgh and Leeds will also be taking part in the study which runs until July 2014.