Fun flower expression meanings you may not know

We all use expressions and metaphors but we don’t always give them a second thought. Many of the expressions we use are decades or hundreds of years old and they have a fascinating histories. Here are some of the most popular flower expression meanings that you may not already know.

Stop and smell the roses

This flower expression is popular in all English cultures and, given the fast-paced lifestyles we lead today, it’s never been more appropriate! For those who are feeling stressed or overworked, it might be time for you to stop and smell the roses! In other words, take a break and enjoy the things in life that could otherwise be passing you by. Another interesting fact about this saying is that nature has a positive effect on the mind. Being outdoors can help reduce depression and anxiety so this is a literal take on a popular expression!

Fresh as a daisy

To look fresh as a daisy is a lovely compliment. This flower expression means that you are looking good and it has an interesting history. In Old English, the word for daisy was day’s eye. At night, the petals of this flower close and cover the middle (eye). They re-open in the morning as if they have just enjoyed the perfect night’s sleep.

Coming up roses

This is another rose flower expression and it means that you are lucky because everything in your life is going well. This saying became particularly popular in the 1950s after it was used in a song from the musical, Gypsy.

Nip it in the bud

To nip something in the bud means to put a stop to it right away before it gets out of control. When you nip the bud from a plant, it prevents the flower from growing so this explains the flower expression perfectly.

Pushing daisies

This flower expression has more of a somber meaning since it refers to somebody who has passed away. The origins of this expression are not entirely known but some say that a World War I poem, titled A Terre, is how it started.

Every rose has its thorn

This is not just a famous song by the band Poison. It is, in fact, an ancient proverb. Unfortunately, the origins are not known but the meaning is fairly straightforward. In short, it means that everyone has their flaws. No matter how perfect they seem, there is always at least one flaw to be found.

There you have it! Some of the top flower expression meanings so that you can be sure to use each one of them correctly and at the appropriate moment! Nature has a lot to teach us which is why we take so much from them in terms of legends, myths and even expressions.