Romantic blooms – alternatives to red roses

While red roses are the number one choice in romantic blooms, they are not your only choice. There are plenty of other options available if you are looking for something different this year. Here are a few of the best ideas to make your partner or spouse smile on Valentine’s Day.

Alternative colours

Red is associated with passion and love but it’s not the only colour that will send a message of affection. Pink flowers are also an excellent choice as well as purple blooms and you can even add white flowers to the mix. There are many types of blooms available in pink, purple and white so you will have no shortage of options.

Other red blooms

If you have your heart set on red flowers but you’re looking for something other than roses, there are several options. These include carnations, tulips and different types of daisies. You can even opt for a mixed bouquet of red blooms if you want an arrangement full of texture. Red roses paired with red carnations, for example, will allow you to move slightly away from tradition while treating your Valentine to the most romantic blooms.

Mixed arrangements

There is no rule that says you have to stick to a single type of flower or colour. Mixed flower arrangements can include several colours such as purple and yellow or even a bouquet with three or more colours. Mixed bouquets make excellent romantic blooms for all occasions.

Chocolate bouquets

There is also a sweet alternative when shopping for romantic blooms. These bouquets are designed to look just as beautiful as fresh bouquets. They also have the added bonus of their delicious taste! Not only will you present a memorable bouquet, but you can be sure that your Valentine will enjoy every bite.

These are a few great ideas for romantic blooms that your loved one will appreciate and remember for many years. Don’t forget to include a card with your flower delivery and write a sincere romantic message inside.