How to make mini flower bouquets

When you think of a flower bouquet, you often imagine a colourful bunch of fresh cut flowers that can fill your arms! Mini bouquets, as the name suggests, are like regular bouquets but in miniature form. These mini bundles of beauty are perfect for a variety of occasions and they can even be used to decorate your place settings when hosting a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You will need:

  • A selection of small flower (herbs and baby’s breath work well)
  • A selection of fine foliage (small leaves)
  • Colourful tissue paper
  • Cellophane
  • Clear tape
  • Colourful ribbon


  • Prepare your flowers by arranging them as you would a full-sized bouquet. Place your focal flowers in the centre with foliage in between and use a piece of string to tie the stems together.
  • Cut the stems to equal lengths.
  • Cut two small squares of tissue paper and two squares of cellophane to the same size.
  • Pair one cellophane square with one tissue paper square and wrap around the bouquet before securing with some clear tape.
  • Do the same with the second pair of tissue paper and cellophane squares. But don’t cover the same area. Instead, shift the second pair of squares 90 degrees to one side so that your bouquet is perfectly covered.
  • Tie a decorative ribbon around the stems to finish off your mini bouquet!
  • Don’t forget to store them in water (or in the fridge if it’s particularly hot outside) until the time comes to present them.

If you want to make a really cute gift, you can attach your little bouquet to the paw of a stuffed animal and present them together as a gift. Alternatively, use these mini bouquets instead of a bow on birthday and other gifts. The possibilities are endless!