Plant care tips for autumn

The autumn season is wonderfully colourful and wonderfully soft. It’s not too cold or too hot, which is what many of us like. Of course, autumn is also nature’s way of giving us time to prepare for the even colder weather to come. Now is the time to prepare yourself, your home and your plants for winter. Here are some autumn plant care tips.


Autumn feeding

First things first: You’ve probably noticed that there aren’t as many hours of sunlight now. Lower temperatures also mean your plants won’t need as much water. You won’t even need to water them that frequently. Watering abundantly once a week is generally sufficient. Overwatering will have a negative effect on the plants and problems such as root rot may occur. Some plants like autumn feeding to help them get through the winter. Make sure you do this in moderation and don’t overfeed. As eager as you might be to offer exceptional plant care, overdoing it can have the opposite effect.


Light needs

Light is essential when it comes to plant care. Regarding their light needs, you may need to move your potted plants to a more suitable location. For the most part, plants tend to prefer a west or east facing location. Keep plants close, but not too close, to the brightest window in that part of the house. Maintaining a safe distance means protecting plants from sunburn. Although it may seem strange, the sun can also burn plants. Burns are especially common when watering mid-day. It is best to water in the afternoon or early morning, even if you find the autumn sun not as strong.


Proper pruning for plant care

Be sure to take note of each plant’s pruning and feeding needs during this time of year. Many plants need pruning in the spring, so it is not recommended to overdo it in the autumn. If you need to re-pot any of your potted plants, make sure you do it at the right time and use the correct type of pot and potting soil when planning your move. Proper autumn plant care and preparation will help your plants survive the winter and thrive as the weather begins to warm.

These are some of the most important plant care tips for you to keep in mind during the cooler autumn months. Each plant is different so it is important to take note of these individual needs in order to ensure that your plants all thrive.