How to make a mantelpiece Christmas arrangement

There are so many different ways of brighten your home over the holidays and fresh flowers is certainly an annual favourite. Many homes have fireplaces and mantelpieces that could use some festive d├ęcor. The first thin to remember is that this area can be beautifully decorated but fresh flowers should always be removed from this area if you plan on lighting a fire. Exposing fresh flowers to any source of heat will cause the flowers to wilt and perish faster than they should. If your fireplace is more for show than practical use, then fresh flowers will make a fantastic addition.

You will need:

  • Small vase or vases of your choice

  • Flowers and foliage of your choice

  • Floral foam

  • Scissors


  • When selecting your vase or vases, you must consider the size of your mantelpiece. The larger your mantelpiece, the larger the vase can be. You can also choose between setting one horizontal bouquet in the centre of the mantelpiece or one smaller bouquet on either end of the mantelpiece. It all depends on the size of your mantelpiece as well as the other decorations you want to place in this particular area. Remember, you don’t want to create tall bouquets. Your mantelpiece is already quite high and you don’t want your flowers to end up above eye level or they won’t have the desired effect.

  • When your vase or vases are ready, you will need to choose flowers. Look for red and white flowers in particular. If you are making particularly small bouquets, then you really can afford to spend a bit more on more luxurious flowers. Look for roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, and carnations to name a few.

  • As for foliage, look for dark green leaves and remember not to overcrowd the bouquet or bouquets.

  • Now you need to cut the floral foam to size so that it fits inside the containers or vases. Let the foam stick out the top of the container slightly to give the arrangement some height.

  • While arranging your bouquet or bouquets, make sure that you keep all flowers and foliage in a bucket of water.

  • As you add each stem, you will need to trim it. Make sure that you cut each stem at a 45 degree angle. Not only does this increase the surface area for absorption, but it also makes it that much easier to insert each stem into the foam.

  • Start from the bottom of the arrangement and create a lush green base. Once the bottom row is complete, you can continue with the next row of flowers. Alternate between colours, types of flowers, and some foliage too.
  • Your lower rows of leaves and flowers should be positioned in an outward direction. As you work your way to the top, you need to gradually point the flowers towards the ceiling so that you have a rounded effect.

  • Place your focal flowers in the top, centre part of the bouquet and remember to use a cluster of three or five flowers to create this focal point.

  • Take a final look at your bouquet and fill up any gaps with some foliage before putting your flowers on display.

The best part of these arrangements is the fact that you can really stick to your budget. You need not overspend and you can choose the size of your bouquet. Don’t be shy to shop around for the best prices on flowers. Ask your florist about cheap flowers and seasonal flowers and foliage to help keep costs low. You can also add accessories if you want to emphasize the festive theme. Since you are placing your flowers in floral foam, you should check on the foam regularly to make sure that it doesn’t dry out. When the foam becomes dry, add water to keep your flowers fresher for longer.