Making bouquets worth photographing

With social media sites like Facebook and Instagram completely changing our lives on a daily basis, we are taking more photos than ever before! We no longer sit down for a cup of coffee or lunch without first taking the perfect picture and sharing it with the world. The same can be said for gifts and flowers. Whenever we are treated to a bouquet of fresh flowers, we simply have to get it in a vase and snap as many brilliant shots as possible!

Not only do our photos show everyone just how happy we are, but they also show the sender a great deal of gratitude and appreciation. Taking the best picture, tagging the sender, and uploading to social media is the most popular way of saying thank you these days. So, whether you order flowers for yourself or you receive a flower delivery from a loved one, how do you make sure that you get that photo just right?

Well, the first trick is to make sure that you choose the right vase. The size and height of the vase will depend on the size of the bouquet and the length of the stems. The more flowers, the larger the vase needs to be and the longer the stems, the taller the vase. Once you have the right vase, it’s time to trim the stems and get those beauties in water. Make sure that you spread them out just right so that they aren’t all squashed to one side of the vase. If you trim each stem one by one, this will give you the perfect opportunity to arrange each one just right in the vase and criss-cross the stems under water. Be careful not to create any colour clusters. This means that if you have more than one colour in the bouquet, you should spread them out evenly to ensure the perfect balance.

Once you have your flowers beautifully arranged, you need to find the right setting. The best lighting for photographing flowers is like that of an overcast day. If possible, set your flowers near a window when the sun is not too strong and take a few photos from a few angles. Watch out for your own shadow and avoid angles that cause you to cast a shadow on any part of the bouquet or vase. You can even photograph from above if you like!

Add props like fruit, a book and reading glasses, or even a cup of coffee or tea if you like. These props help offset the flowers while complimenting them and giving viewers some insight into your lifestyle. Props can also help create a better balance of colour and enhance certain aspects of the photo itself.

Don’t be shy about using filters but remember that they should only be used when absolutely necessary and in moderation. Don’t over edit your photos or they will take on an unnatural appearance. Keep it fun, natural, and colourful!