How to make your own floral shadow box display

A shadow box, or box frame, is a wonderful way of displaying items in your home with pride. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. You can use them to display anything including dried flowers. The best part of all is that, unlike a regular frame, you can show off items that are not necessarily flat.

The first thing you will need to do is choose your flowers and the size of the box you wish to use. Once you have them both ready, it’s time to open your box and prepare it. You may like to cover the interior of the frame with some decorative paper or you might prefer to paint it. Either way, make sure that the décor you choose will compliment your flowers. Your flowers should stand out against the background so use light colours and keep it simple. Pale pinks and off whites are a good choice if you are unsure.

Arrange your flowers loosely inside the box before you glue them down in place one by one. This way, you will know which flowers need to have their stems trimmed and exactly where they need to be placed.

Once you are happy with the way the flowers are positioned, it’s time to let the glue dry. You can then add accessories such as ribbons, perhaps some buttons, and anything that you feel with suit the theme. You can even add a few pressed flowers to the background if you like. Let everything dry before you close the frame.

If you plan on painting the exterior of the frame (the front-facing portion), you should do so before you put the box frame back together. It’s also extremely important to make sure that your dried flowers are indeed completely dry before you use them. The thicker the petals and the more abundant they are on the stem, the longer the flowers will take to dry. If unsure, it’s best to let your flowers dry a bit longer. If you are drying them naturally, remember that the best way to do so is by hanging them upside down. If you have a particularly special bunch, like your bridal bouquet, you might like to keep them together as they dry and frame them just as they are along with other mementos like a wedding invitation, a wedding favour and perhaps a photograph.

Shadow boxes really allow plenty of freedom. So, the next time you receive a fresh flower delivery, consider hanging on to those blooms that much longer by drying them out just before they start to wilt.