Fresh flowers and their connection in astrology

Fresh flowers are not just pretty to behold. Each bloom has its own unique meaning and there is often a legend to go with it. Like birthstones, each month of the year is associated with a different flower. Flowers are also associated with different astrological signs. If you want to send fresh birthday blooms to somebody special, here is a list of all the blooms associated with each zodiac.


Aries is associated with strength and confidence. When choosing fresh flowers for an Aries, you should look for blooms associated with passion. Red tulips or other red blooms will be perfect for these star signs.


Those who are born under this star sign are usually headstrong but they are also warm-hearted. They are also known for their appreciation for nature’s beauty. Pure white lilies are the ideal fresh flowers for this star sign.


Geminis are known for being versatile and imaginative. Roses are the best gift for Geminis and you can choose any colour you like based on your relationship with the recipient.


Of all the zodiacs, Cancers are said to be the most emotional of all. If you want to appeal to their open heart, the best fresh flowers you can send are Delphiniums. If you like, you can send a mixed bouquet that includes these blooms.


Leos are bold and extroverted in nature. You should send blooms that reflect this part of their personality. This is why big, bright and beautiful sunflowers will always make a thoughtful and appropriate birthday gift.


Of all the signs, Virgos are the most modest and they can even come across as shy. This is why the best fresh flowers you can send are those that are beautiful in their simplicity. Daisy-like blooms such as asters are excellent. You could combine colours like white and yellow for a bright yet humble display.


When you think of a Libra, you will most likely visualise the balancing scales. This is the perfect depiction of this zodiac because they are all about balance and harmony. Hydrangeas are the best blooms to present to a Libra because they represent opposites on a single stem. These flowers have both soft and hard aspects as well as large and small ones to perfectly balance the bloom.


This is one of the most intense signs of all. They are passionate as well as powerful. When a Scorpio sets its mind to something, they will not give up until they achieve their goal. Send a bouquet of Peonies to your special Scorpio since they represent romance as well as power.


When it comes to physical strength and strong intellect, Sagittarius are number one. Carnations are the best fresh flowers to present to people who are born under this star sign. Different colours have different meanings so you can choose a colour or combination of colours that will best reflect your relationship.


Capricorns are known for their dependability and responsible nature. This is why you should send a potted plant rather than cut flowers. The African Violet makes a lovely gift since it is easy to care for and the blooms make it all worthwhile.


The most prominent of all water signs, Aquarius is associated with loyalty, honesty and intuition. The pure nature of these attributes are why Orchids are the best choice. Like many other flowers, you will need to choose the right colour for the recipient based on your relationship. You may also prefer sending a potted plant rather than cut orchids since it will last considerably longer.


Patient and gentle, that special Pisces in your life will enjoy a bouquet that includes alstroemeria. While you can send an arrangement that consists solely of these blooms, they are usually best included as focal or mass flowers to give the display height and depth.

As you can see, there are fresh flowers for every star sign. The key to choosing the right bouquet for every recipient is taking note of their personality and preferences. When you do this, your floral gifts will always be appreciated and the recipient will know that you didn’t just pick the first bunch you came across.