Flowers that look great with Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are popular for a variety of occasions, including weddings. They make wonderful centrepieces as well as bridal bouquets. They are versatile and can be displayed all on their own or along with other types of flowers.

When using pink or peach coloured calla lilies, you can accompany them with some ranunculuses, garden roses, and some foliage. Alternate between white and peachy-pink flowers to give your bouquet even more variety.

When making a calla lily boutonniere, use a white calla lily (the miniature kind) along with pieris, geranium leaves, and ranunculuses (in bud form). Allow the lily to be the main attraction while the other floral elements give this buttonhole a fuller appearance without making it look like you’re wearing an entire bouquet!

If you want to really jazz up a plain bouquet of calla lilies, you can use a complimentary ribbon to bind the stems. For a bride, you might like to use some lace or a silk ribbon that compliments your wedding theme. If you are holding a bunch of yellow callas, then you could choose something elegant like a black and white striped ribbon. This bouquet looks particularly lovely if you are wearing a black dress.

Grouping callas with other flowers does not necessarily mean that they need to all be placed together in the same vase or arrangement. A popular form of décor these days involves displaying several vases of different sizes. Each vase contains a different type of flower. For example, you can use a tall vase for your long-stemmed calla lilies and place a couple of smaller vases in front of it or along side and fill these with roses, hydrangeas, carnations, or whatever you like!

Calla lilies can also be used for underwater floral displays. All you need is a few miniature callas for each slender clear, glass vase. Trim their stems to different lengths, place them in the vase so that they are all facing different directions and fill with water! Accompany with other flowers or small potted plants and you’re all set!