Flowers for a young girl’s birthday

Planning the flowers for any party can feel like quite a chore. When planning for a young girl’s birthday, the idea can feel even more challenging! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a tall order if you stick to some basic guidelines.

The first of which is to pay close attention to the vase. The beauty and theme of a bouquet depends largely on how it is presented. This means that the vase you choose needs to suit the flowers and the age of the birthday girl. So, skip those fancy expensive vases and choose something a bit more fun and colourful instead. Think about where she will most likely display the flowers and then base your vase choice on the location and the size her room can accommodate. If you like, you can choose a small, yet practical, container to act as a vase. For example, if she loves tea, then you could create a cute arrangement set in a suitable teacup and saucer.

When choosing the colours, you should try to choose something that you know she will like. If you know that she is crazy about pink, then there’s no doubt that a bunch of pink flowers will be your best bet. For young girls, you should always look for something bright so that it stands out. Pastels are not likely to impress her since the colours won’t be quite as captivating.

If you are ordering birthday flowers for her party, then the same rules apply as mentioned above. In addition, you may want to think about using vases that don’t cost a small fortune and pay attention to the theme as well. Even if you can’t find a vase shaped like a particular animal or object, you can at least find the right colour. Don’t be afraid of a little DIY either! If you really can’t find anything suitable, you could always paint old jars, cover tins with wrapping paper or something along those lines!

Don’t forget to make the birthday girl feel extra special on her big day by having your florist make a corsage or floral crown that compliments the other floral décor. You don’t need to use the same flowers but you should stick to the same colour scheme.