Flowers To Celebrate A Birthday

In our younger years, there are few things more exciting than our birthdays.  We count down the days and try to guess what our parents bought us that year.  We get extremely excited about our birthday parties, all the delicious foods and cake of course.  Then, when we get older, we begin to realise that our birthdays are just another reminder of how we are getting older each year.  We don’t enjoy our birthdays as much in our later years and many people even say that they wish for their birthdays to be just like any other day of the year.

However, although your friends or family members might tell you that they don’t like a big fuss being made, they can’t possibly really mean it!  They might not feel up for a huge party, dozens of guests or a similar event but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to feel special.  If you are looking for a subtle yet thoughtful birthday gift, look no further than a fresh flower delivery from your local or favourite online florist.  When you send flowers to a loved one on their special day, it will mean so much more to them than attending a birthday party hosted a few days prior or later.

 Birthday Flowers

Many birthday gifts find their way to the closet rather swiftly.  After celebrating your special day, you probably have a few new items in your home and finding a home for each one can be tough if you are limited in terms of space.  For this reason, many wonderful gifts end up in the back of closets and forgotten until the time comes to do some real spring cleaning or rearranging.  A fresh flower arrangement, on the other hand, will be enjoyed from the moment it arrives and it will give the recipient’s home a very special atmosphere too.  If you include a vase with your flower order, you can expect the vase to be stored once the flowers perish.  That said, at least you know that the recipient had a fair amount of time to enjoy their gift.

Now, if you are wondering what kinds of flowers you should send for a birthday, it will depend on the recipient.  Birthdays are happy and fun events so your bouquet should highlight this.  Brightly coloured blooms will do the trick and they are perfect for attracting the attention of any visitors that might come by within the next few days as well.

For men, colours like yellow, blue and dark purple are usually best but orange, yellow and red flowers can also work since they aren’t considered to be too feminine.  When it comes to red, however, make sure that you mix it with other colours otherwise your birthday bouquet will become a romantic bouquet instead!  You can add white flowers as fillers and don’t forget about the foliage for good measure.  For women, you can send pretty much any colour including pink, pastel purples and and every shade that comes to mind.  You can choose to order a bouquet consisting of a single colour or mixed colours if you prefer.  Take into consideration the preferences of the recipient as well as their home décor.  If you know that the recipient has a Victorian theme in their home, you should stick with pastels.  If the recipient’s home is decorated in a more modern style, you should choose bright, solid colours that will really stand out.

Florists are also able to arrange birthday flowers in alternative and creative ways or include a special container as opposed to a regular vase.  Your local florist might even let you bring in your own container (like a novelty coffee mug for instance) and they will arrange the flowers inside it accordingly.  Baskets are great too and can also be used to display other items like fruit once the flowers eventually perish.

Another advantage of sending flowers is that florists know no boundaries thanks to the wonderful world of the internet.  International flower deliveries are possible thanks to online florists and, even if your friend or loved one is on the other side of the world, you can still let them know that you are thinking of them.