Make your own floral cornucopia

Cornucopias are truly unique decorative displays that are commonly associated with the autumn months and the celebration of Thanksgiving in particular. The arrangement is designed to represent prosperity which is something we can also encourage in our homes. Best of all is that you can make your own personal design with just a few basic items.

Choosing a container

The container plays an extremely important role in creating this kind of arrangement. For a traditional approach, you can use a wicker horn. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use a regular wicker basket to hold the contents of the display. Regardless of the container you choose, it should be the appropriate size for the table you wish to decorate. You should also make sure that your container is properly lined and protected if you plan on using fresh flowers and floral foam.

Choosing the contents

Once you have chosen your container, you will know how much space you have to fill. This is the part where you can really let your creative side show. Focus on autumn colours like rusty orange, dark red, deep purple, brown, mustard yellow, and similar colours that you find in nature at this time of year. Ask your florist about seasonal flowers in the appropriate colours. You might even find some flowers that aren’t in season but they are so popular that florists keep them in stock year round. Some examples of flowers to consider include sunflowers, roses, and any flower that’s part of the daisy family. You can also add other elements like wheat and cinnamon sticks. If you choose a regular basket, you could even add some colourful fruit. Apples, pears, grapes, and citrus fruit are all great options.

Arranging it all

If you are using a horn, you will need to lay it down so that the open end is flat on the table and the pointed end is in a raised position. Some of your flowers will need to be arranged in an almost round shape. In other words, you will need to place some flowers facing upwards and others lining the open rim of the horn. If you are using a flat basket, you can arrange your flowers and fruit according to the shape and size of the basket itself. If you like you can set the flowers in the middle and surround them with fruit or gourds. Alternatively, you can set a modest bouquet to the side and add flowers to the left or right.

These arrangements are so flexible and they are so easy to make. They are not nearly as time consuming as they seem and they are sure to make a great impression on your guests too!