Flower care tips and how to keep them fresh

When you receive a fresh bouquet of blooms, proper flower care is essential. There are a number of supposed quick fixes out there but many people don’t take the time to really test them first. Before you reach for the aspirin or bleach, take a moment to read about just how these methods differ from that little package of flower food provided by your florist.

Flower food

Florists are known for providing a package of flower food with every bouquet. These packages contain three main ingredients: citric acid, bleach and sugar. The citric acid controls the pH level of the water, the bleach keeps bacteria at bay and the sugar provides your flowers with energy. This is all you need in terms of excellent cut flower care.


Aspirin, like citric acid, helps lower the pH level of the water. This can help your blooms last longer. The tablet is best crushed before it is added to the vase water since it will help it dissolve faster and it is more easily absorbed by the stems. Aspirin is one of the most commonly used household remedies when it comes to cut flower care.


Just as aspirin acts like citric acid, so too does vodka act as bleach. In other words, it can help slow the growth of bacteria in the vase. This, in turn, can help your flowers last longer.

A direct comparison

If you want to know which of these flower care tips is best, there is no better way than to do some tests for yourself. According to various studies, the flower food proved superior. This package helps keep blooms healthy and petals silky soft. Aspirin can help flowers last longer but you may notice that the stems will turn dark and dry. As for vodka, it will not necessarily help your blooms last longer but you will notice that the petals are silkier than if you were to place your bouquet in plain water without any kind of flower food.

As mentioned above, don’t just take these facts at face value. Give them a try for yourself to find out which method works best for your blooms. There are a number of other flower food recipes out there too. They are all worth trying if you want to follow the best flower care routine and keep your blooms fresher for longer.