Make a delicious Halloween centrepiece

Flower arrangements don’t need to consist solely of flowers. Since Halloween is associated with the sweeter things in life, it makes sense to see chocolates and sweets included in spooky flower displays.

The first idea is to make a fresh flower arrangement and add some blooms to the vase before adding wrapped sweets. They need to be wrapped so that the properties of the flowers do not affect the quality or flavour of the sweets. The sweets need to be secured to skewer sticks and then added to the bouquet. If you are worried about the sweets not staying in place, you could make an arrangement set in floral foam instead.

Another option is to use artificial flowers. Although you are using silk blooms, you should still use wrapped sweets and chocolates because this protects them from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Again, you can use a vase or floral foam.

Yet another option is to opt for sweets and chocolates without the addition of flowers. You can make a stunning sweet bouquet from a variety of delicious sweet treats. This is perfect for setting in your entrance hall or living room so that your guests can help themselves when they visit.