Sympathy blooms – which flowers are best?

Expressing sympathy is not always easy. We feel the need to show the grieving person or persons support but we also need to tread lightly. Fresh flowers make a lovely gift during this difficult time because they are thoughtful and respectful. If you don’t know which types of sympathy blooms to send, here are some ideas.


All rose colours represent some type of love or affection. White roses are a symbol of purity. Pure white roses paired with lush green foliage make excellent sympathy blooms no matter your relationship with the family. These blooms will always be interpreted as a sign of your support rather than a romantic gesture. They can be sent on their own or paired with other blooms.


Lilies are not only popular as sympathy blooms, but they are also associated with the resurrection. This means that they comfort and uplift the recipient. While the pain of their loss will never completely cease, these flowers are extremely soothing and they have a sweet scent that also helps improve the mood of the recipient.


While many other types of sympathy blooms can stand alone, carnations are usually added as mass flowers in mixed arrangements. This is because they have densely arranged petals and the ruffles add texture to the bouquet. They can be paired with roses, lilies and various other types of fresh flowers. They are also used in sprays, funeral crosses and wreaths.


Statice is associated with remembrance which makes it one of the perfect sympathy blooms of all. It has a strong scent and will also add fantastic texture to a mixed bouquet. These blooms are not normally displayed on their own. Instead, they are added as mass or filler flowers to complement the focal blooms.


There is no doubt that orchids are one of the most elegant and sophisticated flowers available. They can also offer the recipient wonderful comfort after the painful loss of their loved one. While you can send cut orchids or include them in your bouquet of sympathy blooms, you may prefer sending a potted plant instead. It will last that much longer and bloom year after year.

These are just a few excellent ideas for sympathy blooms that your friends and loved ones will appreciate. Be sure to include a sincere message in the card provided by your florist. Not only will this show your support, but it will also let the recipient know who sent them such a thoughtful bouquet.