Make your own Christmas flower centerpiece

Whether you plan on hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner, you will need to plan a number of things from food and beverages to d├ęcor and music. Christmas centrepieces are a popular addition on all festive tables and they can be used to decorate your dinner table for a couple of weeks at least. If you enjoy making your own crafts and you want to try your hand at making your own festive arrangement, you can follow these easy instructions to make one yourself!

You need:

– Short vase

– Foral foam block

– Christmas flowers (red and white flowers are particularly popular)

– Dark green foliage and accessories

– Christmas accessories (optional)


  • The first thing to do is to choose your vase. You will need a short one because you don’t want a tall arrangement for your dinner table. Taller arrangements obstruct your view of those on the other side of the table so keep this in mind. You also need not spend a fortune. Even if you don’t like the vase, you can always cover it with festive wrapping paper.

  • Next, you need to cut the floral foam to size so that it fits nice and snug inside the vase. You don’t want it to float around inside there because it needs to offer sufficient support.

  • When choosing your flowers, you will need to keep your budget and colour scheme in mind. You could have some slightly more expensive blooms as your focal flowers with cheaper filler and mass flowers. Some options to consider for your bouquet include roses, carnations, lilies, and orchids. You can even add something like baby’s breath in between if you like. Holly and other berries can also add colour and texture to your centrepiece.

  • Once you have chosen your flowers, you need to select some dark green foliage. Pistacia and different types of fern are both great options. In many cases, more than one type of foliage can be used to create more of a natural-looking display.

  • Prepare your flowers and foliage by trimming the stems to length.

  • Arrange foliage around the outer rim of the vase and let the leaves all point outwards.

  • Now place your focal flowers (usually a cluster of three or five flowers) in the top, middle point of the floral foam. Spread them out a bit so that you can fit some fillers and a touch of foliage in between.

  • Now add your mass flowers to the arrangement and leave some space between them for fillers, foliage, and accessories.

  • Take a look at your arrangement and fill the gaps with small leaves from bottom to top. Add bundles of cinnamon sticks, perhaps some festive ribbons, and other Christmas decorations secured to bamboo sticks.

There you have it! A really easy Christmas centerpiece that you can make according to the size of your table and your budget! If you have a long table with several place settings, you could even add a few small centrepieces down the centre line of the table so that everyone will be able to admire your work! If you want to make a horizontal arrangement, you can add ivy and other long-stemmed flowers on either side to create a longer floral display that reaches out on either side. Add candles for soft lighting and don’t forget those Christmas crackers too!