Gardening with mum on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend extra time with mum. Taking her out for a picnic, a delicious lunch or even a relaxing spa day are all great ideas. If you would rather spend time at home, however, you could always spend some quality time together in her garden.

Preparing the garden

You will need to take a few necessary steps before you can plant any flowers or seeds. First, you should clean away any debris and dead plant material. You can place the mulch on your compost heap and trim any plants or trees that need trimming. Once you are done clearing your flowerbeds, you can then prepare them further by enriching the soil with some fertilizer or compost. Make sure that you use as per the instructions.

Planting time

If you are planning on planting during the early weeks of spring, you might want to plant seeds. Later in the spring, seedlings and fully-grown plants will usually yield faster and better results. Seeds are the cheapest option of all which is another reason why so many people choose this option. Petunias, marigolds, dahlias, asters and sunflowers all do very well when planted as seeds during the spring season. These seeds will need to be watered regularly and you need to keep an eye out for weeds too. If you are looking for a mixture of spring seeds, you can purchase some lovely mixes. These mixes make for a wonderful surprise when they are in full bloom!

Time for tea

Once you are done planting and tending to the garden with mum, you can enjoy a break and admire your work. Tea or coffee with some biscuits, cakes and sweet treats is a delicious reward. If you prefer something more savoury, you could serve some bubbly, or fresh juice and scrumptious sandwiches.

Balconies and container gardens

You might think that gardening is not an option if mum has a small garden or balcony. This is not the case. There is another wonderful option – container gardening. Instead of planting directly into a flowerbed, you can use planters. Planters are often considered plain, boring or even unsightly, but they can be decorated in such a way that they are almost as beautiful as the flowers or plants that they hold. When choosing plants for your containers, make sure that they will not outgrow them. There are a number of flowers, herbs and other plants that can be grown in small to medium containers.

Most important of all is that you need to focus on mum while spending time together. Look for her garden favourites and try to include them in your list of seeds.