One loves a crown made from flowers

A florist from Shropshire has been commissioned to make a crown of artificial flowers in time for the Queen’s visit to RAF Cosford.

The display will measure 8ft by 6.5ft and will feature over 2,000 artificial handmade flowers and will be part of a welcoming pageant.

Julie Bates the florist in charge of the display said she and her colleagues were very proud to have been chosen to create the display.

The Queen will visit Shropshire on Thursday as part of her on going Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The crown will be used as a backdrop for the awards ceremony that will be taking place.

The flower crown was designed by Stevie Hosell who was helped by Steve Hunter who helped build the strong frame that will support the flowers. It took about five week to be constructed.

Ms Bates said, “We were actually very privileged to have been asked to do this incredible crown for the Queen. Making it out of faux flowers, which are all endorsed by RHS, was the best way to do it. Stevie was very clever, she’s used yellow roses which are actually the Queen’s favourite flower, and the colour yellow is her favourite”.

The organiser of the free event hope 20,000 people will attend at RAF Cosford which, along with the pageant and awards ceremony, will be hosting a picnic.