Add some sparkle to your flowers

While nature has provided us with the greatest beauties, there’s no harm in lending a helping hand now and then. If you want to spruce up a bouquet, why not add some sparkle? Glitter has come a long way over the years and now we have a wide variety of types from which to choose. All you need is a few basic supplies and a dash of patience to achieve the most dazzling results

You will need:

  • A selection of flowers of your choice

  • Glitter that will suit the colours of your flowers

  • Glitter pen

  • Glue

  • Newspaper

  • Cotton buds


  • After placing your flower order, you will need to make sure that you care for your blooms just like you would any other flower delivery. Place the bouquet in some fresh water and tend to each stem individually.

  • Do not attempt to decorate all of your flowers at once or it will turn into a big sticky mess.

  • Begin by preparing your surface by covering it with some newspaper. Glitter is not something you want getting all over your furniture, floor and everywhere in between. Use tape or weights to secure the newspaper in place.

  • Place some glue on the end of a cotton bud and then use it to gently apply glue to the petals.

  • Sprinkle some glitter over the flower an allow to dry in an upright position. Yes, you want to make sure that they are placed in fresh water while the glue sets.

  • You can move on to the next flower and decorate them with the same or different colours if you like.

  • Once the glue is dry, you can then turn the flowers upside down to allow excess glitter to fall free.

  • Now place them back in some water and touch up any spot you missed with a glitter pen.

  • Once you achieve the desired result, you can arrange your stems in a vase with fresh water and enjoy!

If you prefer, you can use artificial flowers. They do last longer, of course, and if the glitter falls off over time, you can touch it up as needed. If you have never glittered flowers before, you might like to practice on some garden flowers before you decorate more luxurious blooms.