Peace of mind when you order flowers online

Shopping online for anything can cause some consumers to experience a fair amount of anxiety. When you look around online, you’re bound to come across a fair number of horror stories about things going pear-shaped. Of course, the good news is that there are a few steps that anyone can take to ensure that you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Start by conducting your own research. Take the time to source online reviews and read about what customers have to say about their personal experiences. Read the positive and negative reviews in order to gain a balanced perspective. Don’t only look at the reviews on the florist’s website. Look around on independent online review sites too.

Pay close attention to the details of each product description. It’s not just about the contents of the gift but also the size. For example, if you want to add something like chocolates or a bottle of wine, you should know how many grams or milliliters you’re paying for! The last thing you want is to pay a significant amount for a couple of truffles or little more than a couple of glasses of bubbly! Make sure that the price suits the product and understand exactly what to expect for your money.

Check the terms and conditions and look for a satisfaction guarantee. If the florist you’re considering using cannot back up their products with some kind of guarantee then this is a red flag. They should be willing to offer some kind of compensation in the even that you are not completely happy with the flower delivery. Some common forms of compensation include a refund, partial refund, store credit, or a replacement bouquet free of charge.

Finally, take note of any possible substitutions. Sometimes certain flowers are not in stock or perhaps insufficient to fill your order. If any of the flowers in your order are not available, the florist should let you know about substitutions. Any substituted flowers should have the same or greater value than the stems that have been replaced.

Always keep a copy of your flower order as well as the contact details of the florist. This way, you can contact the customer service team promptly should you have any concerns or questions.