Ideas for children this Valentine’s Day

For most of us, when we think about celebrating occasions like Valentine’s Day, we start by checking our budgets. However, children do no necessarily have a budget. Even if they do receive a monthly allowance, children don’t have as much to spend as us. Some kids don’t have anything but a few bucks to their name. Which is why it’s good to think about something your child or children can make themselves.

Decorative items

Arts and crafts are an excellent place to start. You can get very creative with some basic supplies like paper, crayons, markers, glitter, and glue. You can have your children make some fun Valentine’s Day decorations and hang them around the house on the day. This is particularly lovely if you are planing a romantic night in or a family dinner instead of dinner for two.


This is a fantastic idea for older kids in particular and there are several approaches. One parent can lend a hand and the kids can surprise the other parent with breakfast in bed. Alternatively, if they are old enough, they could even take care of everything and surprise both parents with a delicious morning meal! Remember, it does not need to be a full meal and it does not have to be a hot breakfast either. There are plenty of scrumptious cold breakfast ideas that are safe for kids to make.

Something sweet

Valentine’s Day is often associated with sweets and chocolates. Desserts are the most fun to make and you can let your kids get creative with the décor. Consider baking some cookies, cupcakes, or something along these lines. They can help you add sprinkles, icing, and other delicious decorations.

Sentimental treasures

This is another crafty idea but with a sentimental twist. Provide your kids with one or more photos of you and your partner or spouse. Let them come up with a Valentine’s Day photo frame design, or they could create a collage or even a small scrapbook. They could also make a card for the two of you. When it comes to cards, depending on the child’s age, it’s best to let them do as much on their own as possible. You want to be just as surprised as your partner or spouse when your child presents you with their card!

Valentine’s Day does not automatically equal spending money, as you can see. There are plenty of ideas suitable for children and these ideas are all budget-friendly too.