Send Flowers For International Friendship Day

Sure, you might be thinking that International Friendship Day is weeks away still.  That’s how we all tend to think and then, all of a sudden, we are met with a feeling of despair when an occasion sneaks up on us and we are out of time.  Just as it is customary to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day, give her gifts and send flowers, so too is it important to celebrate your closest friends on International Friendship Day.  Think about all the times that your friend or friends were there for you over the years.  Surely a trip to your florist isn’t too much of an effort.

Depending on where you are in the world, International Friendship Day is celebrated by most countries on the first Sunday in August.  Other countries, such as Paraguay, celebrate on other dates in the year.

Think of International Friendship Day as a day that you can celebrate with your friends no matter your differences.  There are so many cultures living in amongst each other that it’s difficult to celebrate much together.  For example, how can you celebrate Christmas with your friends who follow a different religion?  There are even some cultures and religions where birthdays aren’t celebrated.  So, when it comes to a celebration of friendship, there really are no more boundaries or lines drawn.  You are friends no matter your race, religion or culture.

Wondering what you can get your friend for International Friendship Day?  Well, one of the most popular gifts is a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Yellow roses more specifically.  Why yellow roses in particular?  Well, this is because yellow roses are known to symbolize friendship and all over the world they are known for this.  So, even if you want to send an international flower delivery, you can still send a bouquet of yellow roses to your friend.  If you want to play it really safe, you can include a short note on the history of Friendship Day and how the yellow rose is associated with this special occasion.  If you are worried about some kind of romantic gesture being sent by accident, there is nothing to worry about with yellow roses.  Red and pink roses are more famous for the message of love and affection that they deliver.

If you plan on making the flower delivery personally, perhaps you would like to complete the friendly gesture with a little friendship token.  Depending on your and your friend’s personal tastes, perhaps it would be fitting for you to get two pendants.  You are probably familiar with the heart shaped pendant cut in half with each half on its own chain.  On one heart it reads “BEST” and on the other “FRIENDS”.  Again, it depends on your personal taste.  Similar things can be done with rings and bracelets or you can just buy something that matches so you can think of each other when you wear them.