The History Of Friendship Day

You probably already know the history of various important and special days in the year such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.  However, you probably don’t know all that much about Friendship Day and why so many people take this opportunity to send flowers, gifts and text and email messages to all their closest friends.  Some of our traditions today date back so far that it’s often difficult to remember exactly how it all got started.  Some traditions start in a specific country and then are adopted by many others around the world.  In other cases, similar traditions are formed but individual countries for a number of different cultural and historical reasons.

The celebration of Friendship Day can be dated back as far as 1935 in the United States.  It was in this year that the US Congress decided to proclaim the first Sunday of August every year National Friendship Day.  With world travel becoming so popular and cultures embracing new cultures on a regular basis, it was inevitable that this sweet tradition would be adopted by various other countries around the world.  Most of the world now celebrates Friendship Day on an international scale and even on the same day.  However, there are other countries that celebrate on a different date.  No matter though.  What’s really important is that they take the time to celebrate one of the most important kinds of relationships we can have in life.

Just like other celebrations like Mother’s Day, it has become quite popular to spoil your friends with a fresh bouquet of flowers, some chocolates or any other gift that you know they will appreciate.  True friends know each other so well that they are almost closer than family so picking out a gift should be no trouble at all.

Friendship Day Roses

As far as flowers are concerned, you have it made here!  Just like red roses are associated with Valentine’s Day and carnations with Mother’s Day, yellow roses are the ambassador of friendship and so this makes them the perfect floral gift for Friendship Day.  Yellow roses are, lucky for everyone, very easy to come by and should be available from your local and online florist.  Of course, there is no rule set in stone that says you have to buy yellow roses for Friendship Day.  If you know that your friend particularly dislikes roses and / or the colour yellow, then rather pick a bunch that is more suited to their taste and personal preferences.

Friendship Day is an international celebration and if you need an international flower delivery, this too should pose no problem.  You can go the extra mile and contact a florist in your friend’s area or country or you could simply search online for flowers and place your order in a matter of minutes without the expense of an international or long distance phone call.