Stargazer lily bouquet design step by step

When you look at a stargazer lily, there is no doubt that it has the most mesmerizing beauty. The shape of the petals, the way the colours blend and the sweet perfume are all reasons why they are such popular blooms. If you have never created such a bouquet yourself, you will be happy to know that they are really easy to make and you don’t need too many supplies. Here are some simple steps to follow.

What will you need:

– 5 Stargazer lilies

– Foliage of your choice

– Tall vase (to properly support the long stems of each stargazer lily)

– Flower food

– A sharp pair of scissors

How to create this bouquet:

  • When you bring your flowers and foliage home, you will need to place them in water right away so that they don’t become dehydrated. Not only will this keep your blooms happy, but it will also allow you to take your time when planning your design.
  • Prepare the vase for your stargazer lily bouquet by giving it a good wash and rinse out all that soap.
  • Add fresh water to the vase but do not fill it to the top.
  • Add flower food to the vase water as per the instructions on the package.
  • Once your vase is ready, you can tend to your flowers. You will need to remove any lower leaves so that they don’t end up in the vase water. You will also need to trim about an inch off the bottom of each stem. When doing so, make sure you cut them at an angle so that they have a large area to absorb water and nutrients.
  • Cutting the stems under water is also a good idea because it will prevent air from getting into the stem. This helps extend the life of your flowers.
  • Once cut, you can place the stem in your vase.
  • Arrange the lilies in such a way that there is one in the centre and the other four are evenly distributed around it.
  • Next, you can add some foliage. Again, you will need to trim the stems under water and remove any lower leaves before inserting them in between your blooms. Not only does this help fill in any empty spaces, but it also helps ensure that the blooms remain evenly spaced apart.
  • Do not overdo it with the foliage. You don’t want your bouquet to end up looking like an untamed forest.
  • Once you are done, you will need to find the perfect spot for your arrangement. This means keeping it out of any direct sunlight and out of the wind too.

Remember, after creating your stunning stargazer lily bouquet, you will still need to tend to your cut stems on a regular basis. Check the water level as well as the water quality. You will need to change the water every couple of days. You should also check the stems while you’re at it. If you notice that they are slimy around the base of the stems, give them a trim since this is an indication of bacterial growth which will cause the blooms to perish. Whatever you do for your flowers, do for your foliage too. This will help your bouquet last that much longer.