New baby bouquet arrangement ideas

There are few things better than celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Whether the new arrival is the child of a friend or a family member, you will want to let them know just how happy you are by sending a new baby bouquet. If you are not sure which blooms to choose, here are some great tips to help you shop.

Choose a colour

The first choice you will need to make is the colour scheme for your new baby bouquet. Blue is popular for boys while pink is the top choice for girls. Of course, if you want something a bit more neutral, you could opt for white, yellow or even mixed arrangements.

Select a container

Once you know the colours you want to use, you can select a fun and creative container for the new baby bouquet. One fun idea would be a cut potty, a toy pram, a toy truck or perhaps even a ceramic vase in the shape of a teddy bear. The vase will really help underline the theme.

Add accessories

Now that you have the perfect blooms and vase, you can add some accessories to your new baby bouquet if you like. You can add flower picks and even send a cuddly bear along with the arrangement.

Within your budget

If you are limited in terms of your budget, you can always wrap the bouquet in some tissue paper. The colourful tissue paper will help create a beautiful backdrop for the arrangement so you can be sure that they will be well-received.

The most important thing to remember is that, no matter the type of flowers you choose for your new baby bouquet, you should always send them with love. Your florist will include a card in which you can write a special message dedicated to the new parents and their beautiful new baby.